An enthusiastic IT security specialist within the Seattle region with over 7 years experience in the IT Sector. I have obtained my Certified Ethical Hacker, CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, MCPS & Digital Forensic Examiner Certifications among others.

I have a passion for all things technology related and strive to learn more each and every day. I also have a huge passion about CyberSecurity awareness and would love to speak to any group or organization on that subject.

Available for:

IT Consulting

Digital Forensic Consulting

Director of IT

Board Positions

Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity User Training

Cybersecurity Awareness Speaking

Information Security Engineer

Information Security Analyst

Penetration Tester





Greater Seattle Area

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CompTIA Network+ ce

Digital Forensic Examiner

Certified  Ethical Hacker

CompTIA Security+ ce

MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional

CompTIA A+ ce

Certificate of Achievement in Comprehensive Cyberterrorism Defense

Continuum Certified IT Expert

Computer Network Technician

"I'm not sure if there is enough space here to explain all of Conrad’s virtues. Conrad has been able to grow as a technician, including working with remote locations, many different technology aspect that are managed with a MSP and is able to work within a corporate structure, yet not paralyzed by it. 

Capable of swift and decisive decisions that fairly take into account the needs of all stakeholders. Honest and fair with exceptional technical skills and hardworking chops. I would recommend him for practically any position, secure in the knowledge that he could rise to any challenge.

Conrad is working to be a Certified Ethical Hacker and would make a great addition to any team."

- Nathan Mumm Chief Technology Officer at Copiers Northwest and BluZebra Technologies

"I worked with Conrad at Best Buy when he was a Geek Squad Advance Repair agent. There he lent his expertise in computer repair and computer networking not only to the customers but to his peers as well. Conrad, is also very personable and quickly builds rapport with everyone around him.

His enduring patience and understanding will be a great value to any company."

- Benjamin Readshaw AWS Abuse Associate @ Amazon

"I have had the pleasure to work alongside Conrad for the three years that he dedicated to Geek Squad. He has shown great ambitions to not only learn but to exceed what was expected of him at all times. There wasn’t a time that he wasn’t willing to help, even if it was outside his normal job duties. He would always come in with a positive attitude that would brighten up the other associates that were around. There was a dedication to always work hard and strive to do better; he was an associate that I could always rely on when there was extra work that needed to be done. Conrad’s adaptability to not only new coworkers but to the ever changing clients was outstanding. His ability to help clients feel comforted and at ease when they were going through a stressful and frustrating time was inspirational. I would take it as a great honor to have Conrad work with me again, his drive and passion for his job inspires so many others!"

- Kristine Wagoner Customer Service Representative at Seattle Specialty Insurance Services

"I was Conrad's DCI at Geek Squad, he was an amazing agent. He had tremendous knowledge and was extremely professional. He was great at solving problems on the spot and would go the extra mile to ensure his solution would be long term. He was a huge contributer to the reason we were one of the most successful precincts in the company."

- Trevor Wadhams Community Consultant at AvalonBay Communities

"Conrad is capable, dependable, and detail-oriented field engineer. On top of being good at his job, Conrad is affable day in and day out- a pleasure to be around. I'd hire him twice if I could."

- Mark Fisher Technical Account Manager at BluZEBRA Technologies

"Conrad has been a great asset to our engineering team. He is detailed oriented and gets the results we desire."

- Paul Havens Managed Services Architect at BluZEBRA Technologies

"Conrad was a great trainer, and a very experienced engineer! His experience from previous jobs makes him ideal at troubleshooting, and solving every problem placed in his path. Because of him, I was able to jump into my first job, and become an asset to the company. Over time I noticed that Conrad goes above and beyond by making sure that our back end processes were being handled and completed properly; which uncovered quite a few errors that would have gone unnoticed. Because of that, I knew Conrad was a trustworthy person, who can see the big picture of wherever he works. I would work with him any chance I get in the future!"

- Tad Livingston IT Support Engineer at BluZEBRA Technologies

"Any team would be lucky to have Conrad as a member. Not only he is the fastest to become go-to person for new software or procedure, he also willingly shares his knowledge. Even in disputes and arguments, Conrad is joy to deal with as he leans on facts and data, not "because I say so"."

- Natasha Burns System Administrator at Reischling Press Incorporated

"Conrad is a diligent and hard worker. When presented with unique problems, Conrad can be relied upon to research the issue and recommend solutions that will efficiently and competently resolve the issue. "

- Sam Overturf IT Supervisor at Copiers Northwest

"I have had the pleasure to work Conrad for 3 years. I can honestly say he is a self starter with passion and motivation and whatever he puts his mind to achieve he will accomplish it."

- Jonathan Villaluz Double Agent Covert at Geek Squad

"Conrad is a great addition to our team at BluZebra IT Technologies. He has proven himself worthy in more ways than I can count! He is a hard working gentleman. If there is a problem that he cannot conquer on his own he never has trouble in asking for assistance. "

- George Lankoulov Senior Field Engineer at BluZEBRA Technologies

"I have had the pleasure of working with Conrad directly for the past year at BluZEBRA Technologies. In that short length of time, he has proven his technical expertise with a high level of customer service that has been greatly appreciated to all of our clients. The dedication Conrad puts into his trade has accelerated his learning abilities in Information Technology while adding to his already established critical thinking skills. He is a great asset to BluZEBRA Technologies and a superb co-worker. "

- Jason Mokuiki Field Engineer at BluZEBRA Technologies

"I know Conrad from IT Security classes in college. Conrad stood out as friendly and willing to share his knowledge. He assimilated new info with ease. I felt my interactions with him was positive. His school work ethic is solid and he holds himself accountable. If I could work with Conrad I would anytime and with that I would say he is a great value-add to any team/organization. "

- Jesse Moore Security Engineer at University of Washington Medicine

"Working with Conrad at Geek Squad, the first impression I got off of him was he was a very down to earth and helpful individual. Being in a new workplace, with Conrad's help I was able to excell at my position. His knowledge of computers and customer service is something everyone could learn from. Working with Conrad not only was a privilege but an honor as well."

- Sohayl Samim Cyber Security Student at Central Washington University

"I worked with Conrad at Best Buy. Whenever I brought him a customer to work with, he was super positive and helpful. He would always go the extra mile to make sure the customer was taken care of from start to finish. Whenever I saw him working with any customer he was always friendly, upbeat, and completely dedicated to their needs. As a person Conrad has an enthusiastic and positive attitude and is easy to get along with. Overall I would recommend Conrad to be part of any team."

- William Mouat Connections Team Leader at Best Buy

"I worked with Conrad at New Life Center Foursquare Church and Refuge Foursquare Church. Conrad takes his volunteer work seriously and is often the first one in and the last one out. He is good at forming cohesive teams and is also an outstanding team member. He is skilled at setting up, operating, troubleshooting and taking down equipment. He will be an asset to any nonprofit board."

- Diana Beal Training Coordinator at Compass Health

"Conrad was a daily pleasure to work with, and a great addition to the morale of our team while I worked with him at the Everett Geek Squad. Some work days got stressful and were always busy, but Conrad continued to be productive with a smile and was commended many times by our customers for being friendly, approachable and swift in his troubleshooting."

- Ryan Davis Technical Business Analyst at Symetra

"Conrad and I have worked together for about a year and a half now as engineers for Copiers Northwest and its daughter company, BluZebra Technologies. In this time I’ve witnessed Conrad grow into a fine engineer. He’s advancing on his career path at a staggering pace without skipping any steps. Conrad looks for spots where our team may be lacking, or in need, and actively betters himself to fill those roles. He has been balancing a work and school life magnificently without letting one impact the other. For both his soft and technical skills I would highly recommend Conrad as an addition to any team."

- Jacob Cross Junior Systems Engineer at Copiers Northwest

"In the six months that I have worked with Conrad, I have been nothing but pleased. He is an intelligent, curious employee who is constantly striving to learn more. His dedication to both his schooling and his work place are well balanced, never leaving either wanting. He goes out of his way to make sure that his customers are taken care of, following up to verify that all issues are resolved. He is a joy to work with and I heartily recommend him."

- Gwen Way Lead Network Engineer at BluZEBRA Technologies

"I am happy to recommend Conrad for a variety of positions within Technology, most importantly security. Conrad and I have worked together on various security measures within our department. It was a pleasure seeing him grow immensely within the cyber security field. He is very sharp, knowledgeable, and always hungry to learn and improve on any area he can within his field.
I believe Conrad will be a valuable asset to any company, especially working with his passion in cyber/info security. I can't recommend him enough and hope our paths continue to cross."

-Joshua Weiland Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Copiers Northwest and BluZEBRA Technologies

"Conrad and I have worked together for nearly two years and I have witnessed his consistent growth as an engineer throughout this time. His commitment to processes and communication is appreciated by our administrative staff as much as his technical skills are appreciated by his engineering peers. He is always quick to respond and never has to be asked twice for anything.

Conrad is a valued member of our group and would be an excellent choice for any team"

- Stephanie Matsunaga Administrative Assistant at Copiers Northwest and BluZEBRA Technologies

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